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Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Derm Practice

Marketing is in a constant state of change. Google updates their algorithms almost weekly. Social media platforms add new features. Technology provides more innovation. The list goes on and on. A doctor recently asked Risa Goldman Luksa of Goldman Marketing Group, “What has changed in medical marketing over the last year?” In her opinion, below are the 6 biggest changes:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed tremendously since the last big Google algorithm update, which happened in August 2018. It is being called the Google Medic Update as it specifically targeted healthcare web-sites. Among dozens of changes we are making to our clients’ SEO strategies, one big shift is to focus on making content much more unique (ie, not the same article any competition could also have on their website). The point is to try and help website visitors to truly make a connection to YOU, whether through better understanding your philosophy, your background, hearing some of your personal stories, quotes, etc.

  2. Local listings are also far more important these days. We actually run SEO strategies on local separate from organic and tie in online reputation as Google reviews are 100% related.

  3. Another new strategy is using Facebook advertising and re-marketing/re-activating strategies to “follow” people and ensure we stay top of mind. (For example, anyone who has visited your website, filled out your form, or ever come to see you as a patient.) In combination with Drip email marketing you can really nurture leads and greatly improve brand loyalty and referrals.

  4. Email marketing should now be thought of as a Drip journey versus one-off activities. Re-sending to those who did not open is old school, while sending 2nd and 3rd emails, depending on how they responded or interacted to the first, is now the future. Think of it like a tree – every patient goes down a different branch and pathway. Another way to ensure your email marketing is effective is to make it seem more personal. Make sure to utilize (first name) for personalization and be careful to avoid going in the “social” tab of Gmail.

  5. Website development has also continued to innovate. 2019 is all about engaging movement, which means text should be animated, everything should have rollover effects, and videos are more powerful than static images. Websites should look more like an app now more than ever before. Having a thoughtful conversion funnel to guide the visitor where to go next is vital. As well, ensuring your website is ADA compliant is also becoming increasingly important.

  6. Lastly, Google reviews are more paramount than ever – the more the better! Ideally you should have well over 100 reviews. There are various techniques to help drive new reviews, but either way you should be asking every single satisfied patient to leave a review.

Here’s a pro tip:

Focus on patients with a Gmail address so they can leave a Google review with only a few clicks!


Marketing Tips & Tricks for Your Derm Practice is a series written by Risa Goldman Luksa of Goldman Marketing Groupthat covers development strategies to help practitioners attract and maintain patient loyalty. You can reach Risa at [email protected].


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