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Society Spotlight: International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen)

What is ISRegen?

The International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen) is a member-based medical society with a focus on integrating clinical practice and scientific innovation in the field Regenerative Medicine. Our goal is to help integrate this modern and new age science of regenerative medicine into the current practice of aesthetics & anti-aging. As well as establish a quality standard in order to optimize patient outcomes when delivering this cutting edge medicine to patients throughout the world.

ISRegen was formed to collaborate, communicate and train physicians in this new and dynamically advancing medical field by educating on the latest cutting edge clinical procedures, new evidence-based scientific research and technology. Our faculty is well known and published in the field of regenerative aesthetics & anti-aging, stem cell therapy, prp as well as holistic anti-aging.

ISRegen offers the opportunity to board certify with the International Board of Regenerative Medicine (IBRM). CME workshops on regenerative medicine are also offered throughout the United States. Members receive a 40% discount on all workshops as well as the ability to attend any webinar at no cost. All CME’s acquired through ISRegen workshops are approved by the IBRM and will count towards the minimum requirements for completing the certification process.

What events do you have coming up?

Anti-Aging & Aesthetics Regenerative Medicine Hands On Workshop:  This is a 2-day program, focusing on current evidence-based clinical applications of Regenerative Medicine for Anti-aging & Aesthetics procedures. 

Attendees will walk away armed with the most recent clinical research and techniques for aesthetic/anti-aging & hair loss as well as various marketing opportunities for your practice.   The program includes  aging physiology, stem cell science, Regenerative techniques, hands on demos with latest technology, understanding the approach to a multidimensional aging body with the concept of Holistic Anti-aging & Vibration Medicine. Click here for the program and faculty.  

What do you contribute to dermatology?

  • We discuss the concept of regenerative dermatology and regenerative anti-aging with stem cell science.
  • We educate on the multidimensional aging of the body physiology and how that will impact skin aging.
  • We offer a hands-on approach to the latest in regenerative stem cell therapy based technology and procedures.
  • We provide an understanding of an integrative holistic approach for the patient and how it can be incorporated into clinical practice.

Who are your members?

Physicians from various field including: Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology,  Internal Medicine, and Family Practice.

How do your members benefit?

  • Discounts for Annual Meetings/Workshops
  • Subscription to the ISRegen Journal​ (in development) 
  • Members Only Access on ISRegen Website​ (access to; full-text articles and speakers’ presentations; video tutorials; 24/7 access to previously recorded webinars; patient education resources)
  • Influence the future of ISRegen and the shape of the field of regenerative medicine through participation on various ISRegen Committees
  • Opportunity to Certify with the IRBM

Are you completing any research?

The society in the future will offer opportunity to present poster abstracts related to the field of Regenerative Medicine as well as offer scholarship and research grants in the field. Currently the faculty on board is involved in the active clinical research and industry based research in the field.

What is something unique about your society?

ISRegen is solely focused on regenerative medicine therapies, techniques, research and technology. While other societies dabble or touch on this area, we are specialized and it’s all we do. What is unique about the society is first of its kind to integrate the regenerative medicine field under one umbrella, offering physicians from various backgrounds an opportunity to advance their knowledge in this dynamic field. Also, we are introducing the concept of a multidimensional approach to understanding the aging- physiology as well as techniques with a multimodal application in healing the body.

Visit the ISRegen website to learn more!


President: Pradeep Albert MD

Chair, Anti-Aging-Aesthetics ISRegen: Kavita Beri MD

Aesthestics & Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine CME Events

New York – September 23 & 24

San Diego – October 7 & 8

New York – November 11 &12

Orlando – December 9 & 10


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