The Fascinating World of Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Anti- Aging
by Dr. Kavita Beri on
The human body is equipped with fascinating pathways for inflammation and autoregulation self-healing. Newer advances and understanding in the field of cellular and stem cell science as well as biomaterial science have put forth a new and expanding branch of clinical medicine; Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative medicine concepts have newly picked up momentum not only in researching and establi …
Society Spotlight: International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen)
ISRegen society
by Dr. Kavita Beri on
What is ISRegen? The International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen) is a member-based medical society with a focus on integrating clinical practice and scientific innovation in the field Regenerative Medicine. Our goal is to help integrate this modern and new age science of regenerative medicine into the current practice of aesthetics & anti-aging. As well as establish a quality st …