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The Fascinating World of Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Anti- Aging

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The human body is equipped with fascinating pathways for inflammation and autoregulation self-healing. Newer advances and understanding in the field of cellular and stem cell science as well as biomaterial science have put forth a new and expanding branch of clinical medicine; Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative medicine concepts have newly picked up momentum not only in researching and establishing new therapeutics for various diseases, wound healing, and organ regeneration, but also in the field of anti-aging and aesthetics.

Regenerative Anti-Aging and Aesthetics looks at the aging physiology of the skin from a perspective of stem cell physiology, senescence and the chronic inflammatory changes that are a component of aging. This field of research is leading to the development of cutting edge devices and procedures that focus on helping the body’s mechanisms to regenerate and heal itself.

As Conference Chair of Anti-Aging & Aesthetics on behalf of The International Society of Regenerative Medicine (ISRegen), we are excited for the opportunity to bring this developing field to a more mainstream audience. Once we look at the body as a multidimensional being and the aging process likewise as being multidimensional, a multimodal and interdisciplinary approach to anti-aging is the best avenue to optimize outcomes. With ISRegen, the idea is to provide an educational platform for the integration of cutting-edge modern science in the field of stem cells and PRP as it relates to anti-aging & aesthetics, along with a look into complementary and alternative therapies based on ancient practices.

As one of the key elements to breakthroughs in science is cross-pollination of knowledge, ISRegen is proud to be a conference that will integrate knowledge from a diverse community of healers from mainstream and complementary medicine as well as scientists in the regenerative medicine and cosmetic industry. It is a forum for communication and sharing of knowledge from each of our respective fields, with an eye to a future that is brighter, safer, and that combines treatments from ancient and modern practices for optimal results.

For more information on Regenerative Medicine and Regenerative Anti- Aging, visit the ISRegen website.

Aesthestics & Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine CME Events

New York – September 23 & 24

San Diego – October 7 & 8

New York – November 11 &12

Orlando – December 9 & 10