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Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Melanoma (MMS-M) | Cheat Sheet
Mohs micrographic surgery
by Michael J. Visconti, DO on
Mohs micrographic surgery for melanoma (MMS-M) has sharply risen by 304% in a 15-year interval, despite consistent recommendations from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). The aim of this therapeutic cheat sheet is to provide a high-yield literature review of the most pertinent data related to MMS-M. Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Melanoma (MMS-M) ●      MMS for …
It’s Mnemonic Monday! | Interpolation Flaps
Interpolation Flaps
by Jacqueline McKesey, MD, MS on
On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember the types of interpolation flaps. Interpolation flaps are tissue importation flaps, which are staged, with pedicle division occurring 2-3 weeks after the initial flap placement, with the following mnemonic: Play Like My Retro Turntable P=paramedian forehead flap Supratrochlear artery axial fap L= lip switch flap Aka Abbe flap …
Pain Management After Dermatologic Surgery Cheat Sheet
postoperative pain
by Anna Bar, MD | Michael J. Visconti, DO on
Dermatologic surgery (particularly Mohs micrographic surgery) is associated with low overall postoperative pain that is largely readily resolvable with acetaminophen and ibuprofen. However, certain medical history and predisposing factors for postoperative pain (discussed below) may present scenarios where a broader repertoire of analgesics is required. In this Surgical Dermatology Cheat Sheet, we …
Intraoperative Complications in Dermatologic Surgery: What To Do STAT
surgical complications
by Jacqueline McKesey, MD, MS on
During the 2022 ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic and Surgical Conference, Dr. James Spencer (ODAC conference chair emeritus, former director of Mohs surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and past member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Dermatology) gave us a critical talk on effectively managing intraoperative surgical complications. This was seriously a talk …
Most Patient-Oriented Video Resources Do Not Comprehensively Explain Mohs Micrographic Surgery
Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS)
INTRODUCTION Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) is increasingly utilized for treatment of skin cancer, however the technique used is markedly different than other surgical modalities.1,2 Explaining MMS to patients is difficult, and anxiety following a skin cancer diagnosis likely leads many to seek out additional resources to supplement their understanding.3,4 It is unclear how accurate and comp …