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How Did the “Generational Dermatology” Movement Start?
How did the generational movement start
by Wendy E. Roberts, MD on
Generational Dermatology: I opened my Southern California practice as a solo private practitioner in 1994. My 40 and 50- year-old patients had both vibrant skin and demeanor. With every decade the skin, physique and demeanor became progressively less vibrant. I began to understand the concept of "growing old" and began asking myself: What if we dealt with issues in the earlier decades to s …
Fractional Laser Resurfacing- Generational Dermatology™
fractional laser photo
by Vic. A Narurkar, MD on
Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Vic Nararkur, along with an extraordinary faculty of key opinion leaders, will be lecturing, among other topics, on age appropriate lasers and devices, optimizing injectables with combination therapies, neck and chest nonsurgical rejuvenation, and performing live patient injectable demonstrations at the upcoming Generational Dermatology™ Palm Springs Symposium …
Why Generational Dermatology?
Generational Dermatology
by Wendy E. Roberts, MD on
Simply put, it’s better for the patient because we are proactively and routinely mitigating future risks for them. Also, overall and long-term it is a more economically sound approach for our healthcare system. Dermatologists are experts in the skin, hair and nails not just throughout the course of an individuals’ life but perfectly positioned for the entire family's lifetime. This …
Generational DermatologyTM Symposium: Why attend?
Generational Dermatology
In dermatology, crafting the perfect treatment plan for your patient takes more than a correct diagnosis. It encompasses prevention and involves medical, cosmetic, surgical and oncologic strategies over the decades to optimize skin performance throughout the course of a lifetime. Coined by Dr. Wendy Roberts, the Generational DermatologyTM approach was originally targeted to interrupt the e …