Current and Emerging Management Strategies for Vitiligo
vitiligoVitiligo is an autoimmune skin disease that affects >3 million individuals in the US and around 74 million worldwide. In addition to physical symptoms such as itch, it can be particularly cosmetically concerning and psychologically distressing. It mainly affects young individuals, where it is estimated that 50% of cases have onset before the age of 20. Importantly, it is associated with other a …
Emerging Use of Immunotherapies for Resectable Melanoma
Melanoma UpdatesMelanoma remains the most common cause of death among skin cancers. Over the past decade, major leaps have been made in treating advanced melanoma, resulting in unprecedented improvement in survival. Nevertheless, a large room for improvement is still ahead. In his presentation Therapeutic Updates in Melanoma: IO for Earlier Stage Disease presented at the 2020 ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic and Sur …
Melanoma Updates
Systemic Therapies for Melanoma: What Every Dermatologist Needs to Know
MelanomaThe world of melanoma is evolving, and dermatologists need to be equipped with the knowledge to help their patients navigate this landscape. Newer therapies for patients with more advanced stages of melanoma have not only drastically improved survival, but we as dermatologists must be prepared to recognize and treat the cutaneous side effects of these medications. This is a brief summary of common …