Practice Growth

Consider Hiring a Practice Management Consultant
leader researchScott Beals, DO Dermatology Surgery Center-Crestview, Niceville, Andalusia Crestview, FL 1. The most important thing I learned from starting a practice 10yrs ago, make an investment and get a good practice management consultant 2. Too many areas to consider when starting a practice 3. Start an electronic medical record 4. Keep up with medicare and government regulations 5. Get a high qual …
leader research
Clinical Success and Ability to Build a Patient Base
Patient base SuccessClinical success is a 2-step process. To have clinical success, first, you have to be confident in your skill set. If you trust in your own knowledge base and technical skills, you will exude confidence and competence during every interaction with your patients. Patients will believe in you because you believe in yourself,and they will keep coming back to you because they trust they are in good h …
Patient base Success