tinea capitis

Hair Loss in Pediatric Patients with Skin of Color
Pediatric Hair Loss
by Emily Murphy, MD on
Hair is part of our identity and hair loss is therefore particularly distressing to patients. With so many potential causes of hair loss, our expertise as dermatologists is desperately needed, especially among pediatric patients where hair loss can be even more concerning to patients and their parents. To help us examine, diagnose, and counsel pediatric patients with hair loss, we were lucky to ha …
Terbinafine Therapeutic Cheat Sheet
by Adrianna Gonzalez Lopez, MD on
Dermatophyte infections are estimated to affect about 25% of the world’s population, representing some of the most common infections in the world. Conditions such as onychomycosis and tinea capitis may significantly impact quality of life by way of their symptoms or appearance, making adequate treatment important. Oral and topical formulations of terbinafine are commonly used on- and off-label f …
It’s Mnemonic Monday! Endothrix
On this Mnemonic Monday, we challenge you to remember dermatophytosis of the hair (Endothrix) where spores are found on the outside of the hair shaft and do NOT fluoresce with Wood's light with the following mnemonic: Endothrix: “TV’s in the House” T. tonsurans T. violaceum T. schoenleinii Click HERE to print your mnemonic card.   Study More! Need a refresher on Dermat …