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Six Tips to Becoming a Trusted Media Source

You’ve survived your first media interview. You may have even enjoyed it. But how do you become your area’s go-to expert on all things dermatology? Follow these six tips to becoming a trusted media source.

Be Reliable

Always, always, always respond to reporter inquiries as soon as possible. While most print reporters have longer deadlines for their feature stories, TV reporters are typically on same-day deadlines. That means you may receive a call in the afternoon for a story that will appear on the evening news. Landing interviews on short notice is a stressful part of a reporter’s job (I know from experience.) Reporters always go back to reliable sources. 

Be Genuine

Be yourself. Reporters have a good nose for when people aren’t acting as themselves. The best thing you can do is be yourself. Authenticity goes a long way with reporters.

Be Business Casual

While you should be yourself, always make sure you are professional. Just as there is business causal dress, there is also a business casual way of interacting. Your personality can shine through but always be professional.

Don’t Take Offense If They Pass On A Story Idea

Reporters receive dozens of story ideas every day. Not every story idea you pitch will be of interest. It may be a matter of timing or the reporter and editor’s personal interests. Relax and try again. Not every pitch will be a home run.

Be A Good Listener

Look for ways your experience intersects with their interests and needs. Remember, the reporters drive the content, not you.

Promote Their Work

Showcase articles in which you are quoted on your website and social media accounts. Tag the reporters and media outlets, if possible, for cross promotion.

If you are having trouble landing media interviews, consider working with a media relations consultant. Consultants often have media contacts and can help you pinpoint areas to strengthen in improving your media success.

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