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Safely Reopening Derm Practices Video Series

JDD COVID-19 Webinar Series

COVID-19: Urgent Medical and Aesthetic Issues for Dermatology

COVID-19 JDD WEBINARStreamed live on April 1st, 2020, and now available to watch on-demand, this webinar panel provides discussion, guidance, and leadership for dermatologists and dermatology practices during the global coronavirus pandemic. Over the course of 2 hours, 7 different thought leaders join the conversation, discussing questions that are on the mind of many dermatologists in the country.

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Moderator: Joel L. Cohen, MD

Panelists: Neal Bhatia, MD, Adam Friedman, MD, William D. Humphries (President, Ortho Dermatologics), Sue Ellen Cox, MD, Kavita Mariwalla, MD,
Carrie Strom (Senior Vice President, US Medical Aesthetics at Allergan)

COVID-19: Your Financial, Legal, Employment and Medical Questions Answered

COVID-19 JDD Webinar Part 2Dermatology colleagues and thought leaders examine the legal and financial concerns during the global coronavirus pandemic and answer your most pressing questions.

Hear from experts on:

-Furlough vs. layoffs;
-Mortgage and rent relief programs;
-The CARES Act;
-The pros and cons of leveraging NPs or PAs for teledermatology;
and more.

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

COVID-19: The Resident and Program Director Perspective

COVID-19: The Resident and Program Director Perspective

Dermatology colleagues answer resident concerns during the global coronavirus pandemic. Discussions include the date of the boards, being redeployed into other units, working on non-emergency skin conditions in clinics, and many more questions submitted by your colleagues.

Moderated by:
– Adam Friedman, MD (Professor and Interim Chair of Dermatology, GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences )
– Misty Eleryan, MD (Chief Dermatology Resident, GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences)

Joined by Program Directors and Chief Residents from 4 other programs:

Tufts University School of Medicine: Sarah Robinson, MD (Assistant Program Director) and Brooke Rothstein, MD (Chief Resident); University of Louisville School of Medicine: Courtney Reynolds Schadt, MD (Program Director) and Meg Wetzel, MD (Chief Resident); UCSF School of Medicine: Erin Mathes, MD (Program Director) and Michael Waul, MD (Chief Resident); Henry Ford Health System: Holly Kerr, MD (Program Director) and Angad Chadha, MD (Chief Resident).

Co-hosted by Derm In-Review and GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

COVID-19: Special Considerations for the Skin of Color Patient – Expert Panel Discussion

COVID-19 SOCU WebinarDuring this 90-minute webinar, Dr. Andrew Alexis and a panel of key opinion leaders, Drs. Pearl Grimes, Heather Woolery-Lloyd, Amy McMichael, and Eliot Battle, discuss special considerations and practical approaches to managing dermatologic disorders in skin of color during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clinical topics addressed include the following:

• Hair Disorders
• Pigmentary disorders
• Aesthetic concerns
• Inflammatory disorders (including acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and others)

In addition, they provide guidance on how to stay connected with your skin of color patients on social media and discuss other emerging concerns such as:

• Vitamin D deficiency among people of color and its potential relevance to COVID-19 in patients of color
• COVID-19 related shifts in common dermatologic concerns in skin of color
• Impact on the practice of aesthetic dermatology for skin of color

Co-hosted by the Skin of Color Update and the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, in partnership with SanovaWorks, Derm In-Review, Next Steps in Derm, and ODAC.

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

COVID-19: The Invisible Impact on Dermatologists and Dermatology Practices

COVID-19Dermatology colleagues and thought leaders examine the hidden impact of COVID-19 on dermatologists and providers, including new and small private practices, emotional wellbeing and the evolving priorities placed on providers during the global coronavirus pandemic. Panelists discuss their first-hand, personal experience living with COVID-19 and ways it has impacted their physical and emotional health, practice, and personal life.
Learn simple steps you can take in the wellness sphere, crisis management and return to practice concepts for both large and small dermatology practices.

Moderators: Richard G. Fried, MD, PhD (Board Certified Dermatologist & Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director, Yardley Dermatology Associates)
Panelists: Evan Rieder, MD (Board Certified Dermatologist & Psychiatrist, NYU Langone Health); Paul Jarrod Frank, MD (Chief Medical Officer & Founder, PFRANKMD); Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD (Founder, Entière Dermatology)

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

Proper Hand & Face Care During COVID- What You and Your Patient Need to Know!

proper hand care during COVID-19Join the JDD & CeraVe for a #SkinChat!
Tune in to hear from Drs. Adam Friedman, MD, FAAD, and Jonathan Silverberg, Ph.D., MPH as they discuss proper hand hygiene routines, how to counteract skin damage, the importance of ceramides to repair the skin barrier and more.
Discussion Topics include skin structure as related to hand/face care, the science/chemistry, how to counteract the skin damage, gentle cleansing (pH/soap-free), importance of ceramides to repair the skin barrier, proper hand hygiene routine, relevant face mask skincare rescue, and more!

Watch a recording of this webinar here.

JDD CME library offers virtual learning during COVID-19

JDD CME LibraryThe JDD CME library is now updated to accommodate a growing demand for online CME resources. We expect this demand to grow in light of the cancellation of some medical meetings due to the global COVID-19 situation. Access the CME library here.

JA Path To Resume Aesthetic Care Project Aescert Guidance:
Practical Considerations For Aesthetic Medicine Professionals Supporting Clinic Preparedness In Response To The Sars-Cov-2 Outbreak

The Guidance Supplement is intended to provide aesthetic medicine physicians and their staffs with a practical guide to safety considerations to support clinic preparedness for patients seeking non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures following the return-to-work phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, once such activity is permitted by applicable law.

JAAD Articles

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD)  has curated a collection of freely available articles on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Search articles here.

International Psoriasis Council Statement On The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

The International Psoriasis Council (IPC) advises physicians to be alert to the potentially harmful effects of COVID-19 infection on patients with psoriasis and counsel all their patients on how to prevent transmission of the virus.

HIPAA Compliance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn what information can be shared about individuals who have contracted COVID-19, those suspected of exposure to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, and those with whom information can be shared.

For any questions you have related to the response to HIPAA compliance during coronavirus crisis call (800) 231-4096.

Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

Summary of Medicare Telemedicine Services Chart
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that beneficiaries can receive a wider range of services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility.


The American Academy of Dermatology strongly recommends that patients should not stop biologic therapy without consulting their physicians. Read their interim recommendations here.

AAD Coronavirus Resources

COVID-19 Dermatology Registry

This survey is for all health care professionals taking care of (a) COVID-19 patients who develop dermatologic manifestations, or (b) dermatology patients with an existing condition who then develop COVID-19. Access the registry here.

Managing your practice through the COVID-19 outbreak

Legislation and regulation


    • Flowchart (PDF download) to help you determine which code to use.

American Medical Association (AMA) COVID-19 Resource Center for Physicians

AMA Physician’s Guide to COVID-19

COVID-19: Frequently asked questions

    • Patient-physician relationship questions
    • Clinical questions
    • Practice management questions
    • Ethical Questions

Financial and Employment Resources for Physicians

Quick guide to telemedicine in practice

American Board of Dermatology – COVID-19 Public Announcements

Impact of COVID-19 on Dermatology Resident Education

2020 Cert Exam Postponed Until October due to COVID-19

2020 MOC Exam – COVID-19

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